and Audio Visual Entrainment

    Neurofeedback and biofeedback, offer a non invasive modality which uses sophisticated
technology to measure the natural activities of body to self correct or change
sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dysfunctions by working on
changing internal processes, such as EEG’s (the electroencephalogram, EEG or brain waves),
heart rate, galvanic skin response, temperature, develop more effective breathing
patterns and synchronization of breathing with heart rate, by observing the internal functions
shown and recorded in real-time. Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback.
It's a training process which uses technology to provide the individual with more information
about what their body is doing than our ordinary senses provide.
The information collected and shown on the computer screen is presented back to the individual
in a form so that they can simultaneously see what is happening in the measured
parameters and what they are changing. This "feedback" helps the individual to learn to use
their mind to develop greater control over their body, or, in the case of neurofeedback,
brain activity. By learning to modify the brain or body state, the brain and the body
have the ability to learn, to overcome dysfunctions, not previously possible without this technique.

Originally EEG Neurofeedback was pioneered for the treatment of neurological
conditions such as epilepsy and stroke and is now used for many other difficulties or
dysfunctions. Once the brain has been retrained in a particular brain wave or mental state,
it becomes permanent, unless changed by the person, just like learning to
walk, skate, or ride a bike. The process is not easy, although the computer games make it fun.

Audio Visual Entrainment, or Light Therapy, is a passive, effective treatment,
with no known side effects, to correct dysfunctional EEG patterns or enhance existing
EEG Brain wave functioning. Research shows that besides entraining to more
relaxing or more active EEG Brain patterns, Audio Visual Entrainment therapy also
increases blood flow and brain neurotransmitters, enhancing a feeling of well being.
Audio Visual Entrainment Therapy consists of a computerized pair of goggles with flashing
LED lights and a pair of ear phones which deliver programmed synchronized light and sound
frequencies that entrain the brain in the desirable EEG brain wave.
Light Therapy has been extensively used by athletes to shift into “The Zone” a state of body/mind
that produces extraordinary levels of performance with an ease and effortlessness not
normally experienced. The most important characteristic of “The Zone” appears to be a quiet
mind and relatively relaxed body described as calm alertness.

Neurotherapy is effective for:

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) Anxiety and phobic disorders
Autism Asperger Disorders
Addiction treatment and recovery Bipolar disorder - Mood Disorders
Chronic pain, FMS, CFS Depression
Eating disorders, weight loss, bullimia Digestive disorders (IBS, etc.)
Hyperactivity in children and adults High blood pressure
Migraine & tension headaches Obsessive-compulsive disorders
PMS Smoking cessation-
Stress related conditions and more...

The rationale for using neurofeedback therapeutically is that it corrects deficits in cerebral
regulatory function related to arousal, attention, vigilance and affect. It also empowers
the child or adult to know that they can be in control of brain and body functions often
thought of as out of our control. Neurotherapy is a blend of old and new, using the best of both
to create a highly effective method for growth. It combines the use of neuro-technology
combined with traditional therapies to enhance healing, change, and growth.
I tend to think of it as the therapy of the future.

During a neurofeedback session, patients learn to produce desirable brain wave patterns
of body functions displayed on a computer screed by controlling the results of a computerized
game or task on another computer screen.

During an Audio Visual Entrainment session the patient sits comfortably with earphones
and eye glasses that produce sound and flashing lights that provide the opportunity for the
brain to entrain to the programmed frequencies. Entrainment is a well known phenomenon
in nature, clocks entrain to each other, that is if in the same room, women menstruate at the
same time if living together, etc.

From the results I have read in sound research studies, seen in my own personal use,
family, and friends, and patients, I am convinced that neuro-therapy will be
incorporated as an adjunct to holistic treatment modalities in the future.
It is taking its time to be accepted since it is cutting edge technology,
like osteopathy, acupuncture, light therapy etc. Because it sounds like a "cure all,"
it is an instant red flag in medical circles. I did not trust, it until I tried it on my own and
found it amazingly effective in completely obliterating my still returning migraines,
if I catch it right when it is starting. Its been a great relief not to loose another day
due to a migraine reaction!

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