Welcome to Amicitas!,

This page is intended to give
a better understanding of how our psychological
services work so that your needs
may be better met. Please ask if you
have any questions.

Office Hours are by Appointment only,
Monday through Saturday. On traditional
holidays and Sundays the office will be
closed, but emergency services will be available
to established patients.

Office visits are by appointments so that
specific time may be devoted to your needs.
I try my best to stay on schedule, but may be
delayed by emergencies or unexpected problems.
If am are greatly delayed I will try to notify
you beforehand.
If you find that you can not keep your
appointment, I would appreciate you call the
office as much ahead of time as possible.
If necessary other patients may then be seen.

Telephone Calls
Your telephone calls are welcome, if you
have questions or need assistance. Please
call during office hours at (408) 842-0402.
If I am not available to answer your call
please leave a message. If your situation is
an emergency, call our cellular number:
(408) 859-9993.

Emergency Care

If you have an emergency call our office
or our cellular phone. We will arrange for you to
be seen as soon as possible. Please try to call
with unexpected problems as early in the day as
possible so that you can be provided with better care.
If I am not available and/or unable to answer your
call please call the Community Solutions Crisis Line
at 408 683 4357 or dial 911.

Psychological Testing A thorough psychological and/or
psychoneurological evaluation will be conducted
at your request if your needs so indicate to
assess the source of the mental health difficulties.
A thorough evaluation can reduce
psychotherapeutic time by finding the main issues
that need to be dealt with. Test results will be
discussed after the completion of the evaluation.
This allows us to discuss the significance of the
tests results to your condition. A written report
will be prepared only at your request.

Psychological Records and Confidentiality
All psychological records are confidential
except as excepted by law. Prior written authorization
is required before records will be released, unless
the records are subpoenaed by a Court of Law or your's
or someone else's life is in danger.

Fees, Payments and Billing
Payment at the time of your visit is expected.
If for any reason you are unable to pay please make
prior arrangements. Feel free to discuss any questions
regarding fees. You will be responsible for payment
of services and billing your insurance carrier.
If you need help or have questions,
please don't hesitate to ask.

Insurance Forms
The receipt you receive at the time of your
visit has the necessary information for your
insurance company. If you need a universal claim
form, it can be provided. Please discuss any
problems you may have with your insurance claims.

We are here to assist in all aspects of your
mental health care. Referrals to specialists are
available through our office. Your questions and
suggestions are important.

Thank You.


9| 2004